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That might be close to how you really are, but that's not at all necessarily so. We all risk fostering completely delusional images of ourselves - to some extent it's what we like to do: regard ourselves as fancier than others are likely to describe us.

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We also tend to present ourselves to others through the Ascendant in a way that we ourselves regard as far from the truth. That's shown by the normal right angle between the two points of the horoscope. It is typical for the human character not to trust that what we believe ourselves to really be is enough to impress others.

The image you present to the public is expressive and regal. You command attention and admiration.

So, we play roles. Anyway, what we believe ourselves to really be is exactly what Medium Coeli presents in the horoscope. Aspects to MC The aspects special angles that the MC has to planets in the horoscope show to what extent we agree or are aware at all of other sides of our personality. So, an opposition to a planet shows that we refuse to recognize or accept that side of our character, whereas a conjunction means that we are completely convinced about the existence and importance of that side to us.

A trine or sextile means a positive attitude to the character in question, but a square means struggle with it. If there is no aspect at all between the MC and a planet, it means that you're not aware of this side of yourself at all. But in other systems, such as Equal House, it can be in anyone of the 7th to 12th House.

The deviation from the cusp of the 10th House depends very much on the latitude of the place on which the horoscope is based - the farther from the equator, the farther from that point MC can be. Most common, though, is a position in the 9th or 10th House. Medium Coeli MC in the Zodiac Here are short descriptions of how each Zodiac sign influences Medium Coeli, the image you have of yourself, when that's where it is in your natal chart.

Aries brings trust in one's own abilities, sometimes over confidence.

Midheaven in Your Birth Chart: Your Dream Job by Sign

Taurus brings a modest view of one's talents, to the point of underestimating oneself. Gemini brings a relaxed view of oneself, without demands or frustrations, as if of little importance. Cancer brings unselfishness, a wish to be good unto others. I suggested that, as part of her training as a yoga teacher, she might strive to release false ego pride Sun-Pluto in Leo. She could also develop her own feminine, Great Mother, Cancerian style as a teacher—for example, by having food at her yoga center, seasonal celebrations, child care, a family environment, and warm hospitality.

Aries: You're Bold And Fiercely Entertaining

She implemented many of these suggestions. This is the best response to any Saturn transit—focus and sustained effort. Raul, the husband of Una discussed earlier is a software engineer. Spirituality is a growing interest for him, which has grown even stronger recently with transiting Uranus square his Sun-Neptune.

Here is yet another way that astrology exceeds any other comparable tool for personal guidance, because it can illuminate how a path to God and enlightenment are valid life goals. He should position himself by establishing trust and by demonstrating his competence and reliability.

LEO MIDHEAVEN - It's About Expression - Hannah's Elsewhere

Another advantage vocational astrology has over other methods of vocational guidance is the wisdom it teaches us about timing. For example, the monthly lunation cycle and the progressed lunation cycle are important indicators of seasonal phases and rhythms of life and career. We have to wait out those times with faith, prayer, and surrender. More active or culminating periods of professional activity can be anticipated during transits of the outer planets to the Midheaven or its dispositor, or to the natal Sun and its dispositor, as well as during the progressed lunar trine, and the progressed Full Moon, as well as transits or progressions to the Midheaven or its dispositor, the Sun or its dispositor.

The Midheaven by Zodiac Signs

Especially important in understanding timing in vocational development is the Jupiter-Saturn transit cycle, discussed below. Vocational astrology teaches us how the seasons of business and professional life are correlated with planetary cycles and transits. This awareness is especially important when working with business owners, private practitioners, and self-employed people, who face the issue of fluctuating income. By following our transits we can understand when the well is likely to be full, and when the well may be less full. For example, during Saturn-Pluto conjunctions, squares, and oppositions, business tends to be slower for everyone.

Periodically we need the lesson of survival, focusing on bare essentials, cutting away unnecessary attachments and luxuries, and sharing, to some small degree, in the survival stresses affecting many people around the world. In any vocational path there are likely to be long periods of gestation of creative work, or total obscurity or lack of recognition.

These periods require that we sustain ourselves as best we can, and continue to work, create, and emanate light through whatever activities make us feel happy: music, writing, astrology, sports, flying airplanes. Whatever we love to do, we do it for it own sake, not to win accolades from the world.

Our goal is to fulfill the whole chart, not just the career indicators. With Sun conjunct Jupiter-Saturn, he was fully identified with his career and social role. But not everybody is like that. There are some people whose calling in life is to devote themselves to children, music, community organizing, cooking, scholarship, art, gardening, poetry. Neptune poses some unique challenges in career and vocational development.

At these times we need to cultivate faith, imagination, and trust in the unknown. For example, any time transiting Neptune is conjunct, square, or opposite natal Saturn we can expect to pass through a period of uncertainty about our goals and ambitions. We might have to accept delays or defeat of our ego strivings. She was advancing in her work as an artist, allowing her imagination to take flight, and she was deeply studying dreams, meditation, and astrology. But Beth felt she needed some concrete plan for getting her life together. She has Sun-Mercury in Sagittarius, the sign of education.

Jupiter, the planet of teaching and education, is on the Ascendant. She has a strong intellectual nature, and needs further study and education. Beth came to understand how the Neptune transit to natal Saturn was allowing new goals to emerge from within, which she could pursue during subsequent transits, now that the Neptune meltdown period was almost over. Neptune can also represent compassion, and interest in mental illness and mental health.

Ella, a psychiatric nurse, returned home to care for her aging mother while transiting Saturn was conjunct her natal Moon-Saturn in Cancer. Also, transiting Neptune was conjunct her IC; she was shocked to find her mother living in a dilapidated, rundown house. She came to understand how her career choice originated in her desire to help her mother, and others like her. The most difficult Neptune cases involve profound confusion, delusions, lack of commitment to concrete goals, or the occasional extreme space cases.

I sometimes see these aspects in cases of people who feel strong disillusionment with their place in the world, disappointments with their fathers and with their own achievements, a lack of focus or an inability to commit to a course of action. But at a higher level of expression, Saturn-Neptune aspects can blend vision and reality, potentiality and concreteness.

Ed deftly weds vision and imagination, and his practical skills with money Taurus and investment to make big things happen. Ed develops album concepts, hires the musicians, engineers the recording sessions, presses the CDs, and markets them, from vision to final product: Neptune-Saturn. During Neptunian periods of confusion the best thing we can do is to meditate deeply, work with our dream symbols, and take time to listen within. This may be an ideal time for the vision quest. Astrologers who understand the Neptune principle recognize that there are times when not much is happening in career.

These may be gestation periods, times of internal reorganization that precede a later shift of focus and priorities. An outside observer might have looked at me and saw somebody going nowhere. I sat in the woods, praying, meditating, writing songs, studying my chart, reading books on astrology, writing down dozens of elaborate dreams.

But that was the right thing to do at that time, and it led me to a vision for my life.

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This is when I became an astrologer, following a spiritual profession: Neptune-Saturn. Vocational clarity often emerges out of the dark night and the valley of confusion. The symbolism of Neptune helps us understand the creative principle of chaos, allowing confusion, formlessness, and uncertainty, trusting that something will be revealed.

During transits or progressions involving Saturn we get involved in the formative structure-building processes that lead to progress, advancement, and success. Saturn teaches us that great things grow slowly.