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They are generally likeable creatures, but as with any human partnership there can be difficulties getting the practical results you will sometimes need. Here is a It's the weekend, and you know what that means Here are twelve short videos illustrating how your temper works, for better or worse, by Finally… clear-cut directions from an astrologer!

Most recent. This month in Aquarius, a fixed sign, intelligent and evolved, mentally focused and sharp, and looking to change for the better. So with this New Moon you would expect to look forward to a month of changes, new friends and associates, and a desire to be part of a group doing something for the better of society. However, this month we see some difficult challenges, no harmonious aspects along with a bunch of squares, most notably the Venus square Saturn.

This means we are more solitary, not very social and instead rather critical of ourselves and others. A challenge to overcome limitations Sagittarius to Pisces square. In the process we try to prove we are right and try to prove others are wrong. This cuts us off from valuable human interaction, creates sacrifice. Also notice the Sun and Moon do not have any aspects, they are all alone. Solitary planets lack a creative outlet, this results in frustration and anger. It looks like a month of isolationism, potentially taking our frustration out on others, even though Aquarius likes to brings things to the light and is concerned with equality.

What you are holding back in the dark this month is going to isolate you and make you angry. It looks like everyone needs to come to grips with the limitations to their own beliefs and do the spiritual Pisces work square necessary to break through, cut away the dysfunctional or limiting elements of your beliefs system.

Solar Eclipse Meaning

Otherwise you could isolate ourselves so much that you take a step backwards. We all need to get honest with ourselves this month. It will seem like the dark night of the soul, a dangerous but essential part of the growth process. Make a concerted effort to be more helpful and compassionate Pisces to yourself and others. The more you do so, the more you will overcome your own limitations and feelings of despair. Understand that the boundary between you and everyone else is dissolving Pisces this month, so you will feel the feelings of others, maybe even people on the other side of the planet.

The solution is to learn how to deal with it, not criticize others or be a shut-in agoraphobic. Be open to the subtle impressions in the mind. Appreciate artwork and fantasy as a tool to accomplish your work, not just a useless diversion. Spend more time in meditation. Other spiritual work like Yoga is always good, but meditation in particular is essential because you need to quiet the mind and still the emotions.

All of this dissolving means you need to spend time re-collecting yourself. So see yourself as a Buddhist monk this month. In Capricorn, this too is going to add to the sense of isolation. Just remember that all of this isolation is necessary to review and change your beliefs. The next New Moon in February will take us through one of the most tumultuous periods of A lot more about this at the end of this video. The start of a new Mars cycle! This has been an intense Mars cycle with Mars making challenging aspects to Uranus Aires , most of which will happen again this time.

In fact, as we have tracked Mars over the past year, challenging aspects to Uranus Aires coincided with false flag attacks, revolutions and all sorts of social upheaval. So we have learned how important it is to track Mars and see how it initiates changes. The reading for this day is people are more assertive and self-directed. In Aires until March 11th, during this time we are reinventing ourselves and expressing a new, more assertive identity.

Daily Astrology Horoscope | January 22 | MarStars

Lots of Aquarius energy on the Moon makes for a restless afternoon. People in a festive mood.

A pleasant aspect that keeps us connected to reality. Emotions flow into the collective for the next couple of days. We are more tender and in need of assurance. More compassionate and open to subtle impressions. Today we are interested in how our mind works. We want to get to the bottom of any matter.

We are intense, focused, not showing much above the surface while holding a strong grip on reality beneath the surface. The mind works much better today.

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Excellent for any kind of study or research, including esoteric subjects. We are capable of difficult mental tasks, more formidable and pre-meditative. We like to think ahead. Today we have a plan to overcome any obstacles and achieve success. A quiet intensity permeates the air. Good day for driving. The solar eclipse conjunct fixed star Vega is also a good omen for starting or expanding a business.

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Most new business ventures fail within the first year but Saturn conjunct the solar eclipse with Vega improves your chances of long-term success. Great satisfaction and fulfillment, as well as financial independence are the likely results if you take a serious, ethical and moral approach to any new venture. The solar eclipse sitting between Saturn and Pluto means serious business but also big business.

Saturn sextile Neptune encourages this idealistic approach and makes it easier to turn your dreams into reality. I have been thinking about the eclipse and I noticed that on these dates there were eclipses making an aspect with my natal Jupiter and Juno, so I tried to recall what happened on those dates:. Awful time emotionally. However I had to wait 3 months before getting some positive follow up. Commitment issues involved. Second part of previous eclipse. So my first thought is that it can bring some kind of breakthrough on the career side but could it also bring something positive on the emotional side due to the trine?

And Saturn and Pluto bring a serious and good career opportunity as well as a positive and expanding emotional situation? Just registered after having being mostly a passive reader and have some questions about the eclipse and your site too. First : I am curious as to what expect from this one. July Eclipse will be even more spot on for the following constellation , but here, too, the eclipse creates a golden trine to my natal chart — with eclipse planets trining my Venus in Virgo 11th H , and Saturn in Taurus 8th H , which seems very good and stabilizing — and would much appreciate it!

Daily Horoscope: January 22 & 23 2015 - Venus Enters Aquarius - Sidereal Astrology

Fittingly — for the challenging Saturn aspects, which began 2 years ago with square to Pluto when I also had surgery then — I have lot of back problems and unable to do my art work atm. Yes, I am an artist, but I think I will not go into debauchary with this star, guess my Venus trine Saturn in my natal chart makes me more modest than my other aspects in my birth-chart might indicate.

Jupiter on Libra-asc. And yet a third question — is it not possible to comment here unless registered? Is there maybe a problem with the site, so that sometimes messages simply do not come through? Has anyone felt it. This is so interesting!

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But I never paid attention to single events like a solar eclipse. Now I know.