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Today's Reading Choose your cards. Read full quote. This is a milestone allowing you to reclaim your power and authority in your life.

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On December 21, the sun enters Capricorn, marking the solstice and shining a light on your path. As you move to the Capricorn new moon and annular solar eclipse on the twenty-fifth, consciously release the beliefs and ideologies that prevent your progress and you can lighten your load.

Your Taurus Monthly Horoscope for December

With your ruling planet Venus in Aquarius at this time, all eyes are on you. Walk the path humbly as the world wakes up to your genius and brilliance.

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Standout days: 3, 8, 19 Challenging days: 11, 13, The year ahead marks the beginning of a new astrological era. Your Premium Horoscope warranties success! Customer's Rating:. December Horoscope. In Numerology, is a Four Year. Expect big rewards to come your way! Harness your excess energy to take advantage of golden opportunities in the year of the metal Rat!

Tarot of Angels. As per the forecast of the Taurus Love and relationship Horoscope, there are chances of some problems or issues to surface from 23 rd September and hence, you are highly advised to avoid any conflict or confusion to arise between you two. Communication will remain the key to having a successful relationship this year. Those who are single may start liking someone at their office towards the end of the year as predicted by Taurus Love and Relationship Horoscope.

Taurus Horoscope - Taurus Horoscope

You will spend some extremely romantic time together and your special bond will further strengthen during this period of time. Love will be in the air for you and you will plan special dates and evenings together in order to spend some time together in the most romantic way possible. On the family front, things may remain a little disturbed as you may have to face multiple disputes and conflicts according to the Taurus Family Horoscope But things will quiet down by 23 rd September.

You need to avoid spending a lot on your sibling this year. As per Taurus Family Horoscope, you will have the full support of your parents as ever but stay a little cautious about your health during this year. There are chances of having a heated debate or argument with your Father from May to September.

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  • According to Taurus Family Horoscope, it is a good year for you as you may be able to get some ancestral property and may also win a court case related to the property in case you have one during this year. Life will be full of traveling and parties especially from 12 th July to 20 th September and you will have a blast with your family during this time. We use cookies to optimize your experience on our website and to personalize content.

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