Cancer weekly horoscope 17 march

It can be frightening to really acknowledge how much and how quickly the world is changing around you. This week, though, you might feel a sudden, surprising spark in your imagination. This week, you might get a fleeting but electric reminder of what real freedom looks like. If nothing has ever been inevitable except for change, then you can be free to change, too.

If it turns out that the boundaries that protect you are mobile, not fixed, that can open up a whole world of possibility for you. Desire can do more than tear you apart — it can motivate and move you, too.

Today's Cancer Horoscope - Tuesday, December 3, 12222

How could you know yourself, how could you define yourself, if not in comparison to other people? You can open the windows and feel the sun on your skin. Your desire has grown stronger than your doubt, your ambition brighter than your fear. This week, it might seem more difficult than usual to think ahead, to make your plans, to lay a careful groundwork for yourself. Instead, practice listening to them.

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What would happen if you let them guide you? The bad news? It can cause a whole lot of mess in the process. As these momentous seasonal changes come together with such passionate zodiac forces, emotions could get much more intense than normal. Because of this, it would be best not to make any major decisions until emotions are more settled. On Thursday, the day of the Libra full moon, sultry Venus forges an angle to fiery Mars and forms a harmonious link to Jupiter. This could inspire a desire for clarification or simply conversation.

As the sun enters your sign this week, you might start to feel like a whole new person.

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But stay clear-headed as the supermoon approaches with a focus on relationships—past issues may be rising to the surface. Read your full Aries weekly horoscope. Prepare to feel bold and confident this week, as fiery Mars aligns with changing Pluto. Clearing away this emotional baggage should help you embrace that fire the passion that Mars presents. That same day, the full moon highlights your lifestyle and routine. Do you have too much going on? Read your full Taurus weekly horoscope.

In fact, you might be ready to take the next step! Lucky for you, some lighthearted energy from the sun in your social sector should help keep you calm during these high-intensity feelings midweek. Read your full Gemini weekly horoscope. Much that happens here might be the continuation of what you started earlier in Until early January, continue to avoid lawsuits and crime, of course! A wish might come true Tues.

Although your attention is deeply immersed in sex, money or research, a happy social situation can pull you away to celebrate, to flirt and laugh. But retreat Thurs. Be spiritual, charitable.

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Realize your position might be wrong: be willing to change. The monthly emphasis lies on relationships, Gemini. The past year improved this situation somewhat, or appeared to, and did bring new mates to many Geminis. Though it also tended to break up unhappy marriages, and to bring stressful bonds to some singles. I told you all this in early And avoid conflict, insisting on your way, independence.

Monday begins 12 months of great good fortune in sex and finances — but your way clear to these successes might not appear until May onward. Be ambitious Tues. Be brave, start things, talk to higher-ups. Wishes might come true Thurs. Not really a fun month. To top it off, this week starts 12 months of lucky, expanding relationships. This also applies to business bonds.

A rather ordinary, unremarkable two days — but intimacy or a small investment go well. Dig deep. You lift your eyes to the horizon, you see far, you understand Tues. Love, law, philosophy, education, profound ideas, far places — these draw you, and offer success.

Love is the least of these Tues. Switch from pondering to ambitious action Thurs.

Cancer Health & Wellness Horoscope

Luck here is very mixed. You can encounter obstacles Thurs. Friday suppertime offers prestige, favours a contact with a boss or VIP. But late this night, and Sat. Work alone — or take a rest. Be big, bold, generous and loving — i. But twice as much so. Work mates are pleasant, helpful until mid-December. You can be temperamental on the home front all month.

And Monday starts a full year of good luck and expansion in work and health zones. However, until May 5 be cautious in both work and romance— you might be wise to delay a machinery purchase, hiring a new employee, or plunging into a new health regimen. Be diplomatic, co-operate, join — avoid argument.

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  7. Sexual desires call mid-week — Tues. Financial, medical, lifestyle and similar potentially life-changing decisions await — make them, act, as good fortune supports you. Thursday afternoon through Saturday brings a mellow, wise mood, an international view, far travel, higher education, publishing, intellectual, philosophical and cultural pursuits — and serious love. Late Fri. You might have expanded greatly in one or more of these in the last 12 months. That period ends Monday. In the weeks ahead, prune your garden, your human and project-filled one.

    Abandon whatever and whoever has grown old, stale, unproductive, to make way for new plants, situations, relationships. The effects of this pruning might be seen even a decade from now.