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Kindly update here, I am a regular reader. You can see so many people are eagerly waiting for her column. Happy New Year! No weekly no yearly predictions which we wait eagerly. We wait for your post why have you started skipping weekly tarot broadcast. Does this mean you have stopped thinking about your followers. Mataji, I am Cancerian and having lots of problems with my wife who complains to her parents with lies from past two.

She left me alone over here in London and went off to India. Please suggest why this is happening. She is a Gemini. These guys publish the weekly forecast on alternate basis. Its better if you stop publishing the predictions at all!! We are not receiving updates from the Astrologer on regular basis. Sorry — but when it comes to us — we publish. We eagerly look forward to Friday every week to read your column in The Times of India.

But for the last three weeks we have been disappointed. Please do not miss your Friday column. Pages: 1 2. Nisha singh January 2, at am. Komal Ahuja June 21, at am. Poonam July 29, at am. Your new ideas and energy will rub shoulders with your colleagues and you will be an inspiration on the work front but on your family side people may be worried about your restlessness and excessive work load. Try to balance your life.

It is good time to give some thoughts on next course of action. You will be full of love to offer to others all through the day. You will be very protective about your partner People from the technology field will have a very good time today. Try to put some halt to secondary expenses Your enterprise and accounts will be right in place.

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You will enjoy a smooth financial life, even though may miss some enlistments. When it comes to official papers, you have to be very careful today. Your personal life will be blissful today Don't get baffled by hurdles and choose wisely the way that suits you the best to overcome challenges. Finances will have a moderate flow all through the day. Multiple avenues will open for There will be tremendous ups and downs in your relationship.

Try to control your inner self to avoid mood swings. You may meet someone influential in your field of work.

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You may find yourself in complex situation today, but do not lose your patience. Try not to invest in some risky stocks and assets. Be calm and grounded. It is probably good time to take a break. It's always better to save some money for future crisis even if you don't face them. The optimism in you will rise and you will realize that achieving your dreams isn't that difficult. Love will inspire you to become creative especially for those who are in writing or painting job.

Professional life would boom and will bring new projects at your door step. You can also look forward to new environment and celebrations.

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You may be migrating to new place or there would be remarkable change in the current location. Despite having a busy professional life, you will have enough time to indulge in creativity. If you are into a relationship, then you may have to indulge in frequent dialogues and discussions with your partner.

If you are planning to tie the knot, the day will be favorable for you.

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Wipe your spectacles clean this week to get a clear picture of things and put life in perspective. There is a lot of work I see in your week- lots! Good idea to buckle up. Now for the good things- you will on the other hand enjoy all the luxuries of life, in fact you may over do it a bit. I must caution you against excesses - too much wining and dining and perhaps a lot of shopping! Nothing will go against you- you are the lucky one this week. Apologies for not reading for you last week. I was a bit under the weather. Good luck for this week though! You must channelise your energies in one direction to achieve your goals.

Some of you will enjoy being on TV or get some pictures taken.


If wanting to marry- it may not work out right now. Your energy and drive are tremendous and you are a force to reckon with. Want to drive a vehicle?


Don't laugh- but you may well begin to learn how to drive. I love your card for the week. You are supported in all ways and from all quarters. You father or a father figure, or perhaps a boss, will be a huge source of strength. You will decide to marry- if this applies to you.

Your health will be excellent. Your career will be rock solid. This is indeed a grand week. Looks like a lot os about to change. Something may be razed to the ground and you will begin building again- I speak metaphorically, of course.

You may feel a deep sense of betrayal and may think of parting ways. Whatever it may be- you will be granted the will, the occasion and the means to make a go of life again. Nothing ever is the end. A marriage, partnership will be discussed and reviewed. Is it what you really want? Think it through well.

You may have been disappointed in love and want to give it a break. But, a partnership will come up, either socially or otherwise. Do not do more than you can handle easily.

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The good part is that you will be able to gather the required energy to forge ahead. If you have been hurt, the emotional aftermath can bog you down. You will feel let down and frustrated and ask: Why me? The card asks you to rise above this as best you can, because only when you raise your head can you see the light.