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You will after you spend a little bit of time with Sagittarius. This charming, well-informed, enthusiastic partner will enchant you from the start. The thighs are the hot spots on this athletic, energetic person. A touch or a kiss there will drive your Centaur honey wild!

Ranking The Zodiac Signs By Who Is Most Compatible With A Gemini

Sagittarius will be equally interested in you, because despite your differences, the two of you have one really important thing in common: You both value the ability to be together without claiming full ownership of one another. You also like to have lives that are outside your relationship. You are infinitely adaptable, have similar tastes, and will probably need a cleaning company to tidy your place up should you decide to live together! Your karmic lesson is that getting out there and living is a whole lot more interesting than just sitting around talking about it.

This prim, well-dressed individual might not seem like it, but Capricorn can take you to school when it comes to exploring the outer edges of sexuality. Earthy and anxious to release all that tension that builds up when a person is running the world, Capricorn has the ability to dig deep into the depths of unconscious desire in order to get down to the business of sexual ecstasy.

Capricorn does not want to discuss much, nor will this authoritative figure require you to take the lead. From French Ticklers to riding crops to a new position your partner tried out on a recent business trip to Bangkok, just about anything can come into play when Capricorn is on a mission to get off! The cold, dispassionate reputation of Capricorn is probably undeserved.

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Far from being uncaring, this person will make sure you have everything you need. You and the airy Water-bearer have a lot to discuss, so chances are your hook-up will arise out of a social relationship or a connection through mutual friends.

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Aquarius will always respect your individuality on most fronts, so that part will be easy. Getting into bed with Aquarius will take a little bit of time only because this busy person will often enjoy the exchange of ideas between you more than the actual physical acts you have in mind. This is one of those occasions when you will need to make the first move.

Lucky for you, Aquarians also hold themselves to very high standards, and will be up on any kinds of trendy, if kinky, techniques that might turn you on. This match could feel a little bit like two young kids playing doctor Once you get used to one another, things could get a little more passionate.

Be inventive, though.

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Believe it or not, this futuristic-thinking partner can also get stuck in a rut from time to time. Your ingenuity will go a long way toward keeping your sex life interesting. Gemini and Pisces Pisces is an ultra-sensitive, almost psychic person with a reputation for always having one part of his or her brain engaged in a vivid fantasy world. Although on the surface this might sound like the furthest thing you might find from being attractive, take the time to look a little bit closer.

Pisces also has the ability to follow all the things you talk about, and express true interest in knowing more about your continuous adventures and impressions of the world around you. Sexually, the dreamy Fish has the ability to bring you along to some very interesting plateaus of pleasure. The key is eye contact. Pisces is so willing to merge with the universe that the second you lock eyes with one another, you could end up spending hours and hours frolicking in bed.

This deeply emotional, trusting person will give all to you, so be kind! Although Pisces can be loyal, the decision to stick with you will only be made after the two of you spend enough time together to know you can be depended on. Instead, stick around at least long enough to learn the karmic lesson that indulging in imagination gives you even more stuff to think about in and out of bed.

Fortunately, not all Scorpio women are like that. Many Scorpio women are beings worth admiring. These women have great strength of character as well and are very intelligent, but they use their almost supernatural abilities to help and support others. They are supportive partners and good in their role as a parent. They are strict, but just. These women want and deserve respect in every sense of the word. Lack of respect is a matter which can disappoint them a lot and distance them from the people they have experienced it from. The Scorpio woman can be very seductive, and there are not a lot of men who can resist their charm.

Scorpio Woman

They naturally exude an aura of sexuality and attractiveness. They are not shy and know precisely what they desire. Although there are different types, most Scorpio women are honest and faithful. It is not how they function. They have a sixth sense and usually know when that happens even if there is no relevant proof.

Gemini Man and Capricorn Woman

They are mostly home types of women, but they can be an exciting mixture of a woman who enjoys being at home, but at the same time loves going out and partying. A Gemini man and a Scorpio woman are not an ideal match. They are not even a good match. They make an average match, with a tendency to part ways when the initial euphoria and attraction dissipates.


A typical Gemini man gets nervous in the presence of a domineering woman such as a Scorpio woman. He belongs to a small group of men who are immune to her irresistible charm. This woman might try everything to try to attract him to prove her powers over him, but she might end up disappointed because she will probably have no reaction from him.

The Scorpio is overly passionate and overbearing for the easy-going Gemini man. The Gemini man can be fascinated by the amount of knowledge on the subject of supernatural the Scorpio woman possesses and loves hearing her talk about that. The Scorpio woman looks for a man who is bursting with passion. The Gemini man seeks a woman who can intellectually inspire him and be a match in this regard.

Gemini and Pisces make great friends as well as lovers. Pisces is rather emotionally sensitive and can get their feelings hurt when brash Gemini speaks without thinking. But even when they do have problems, these partners can forgive and forget easily. Jupiter, about learning and philosophy as well as luck, lends Pisces their desire to know more deeply, and Neptune makes Pisces so dreamy.

The combination of an intellectual focus with an emotional, intuitive grasp of the world makes decisions much more solid; if these two can work together, they can achieve much. The good thing is, both try to get over their own hurt feelings quickly. Gemini and Pisces are both Mutable Signs, thus quite compatible. Both Signs are adaptable, flexible and very able to deal with change.