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Join in the conversation today! Both Mac and mobile software with high precision calculations. Now available on Mac!

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From the creators of Solar Fire. Mobile software with high precision calculations.

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Simply the best available Vedic Astrology software trusted by experts and students everywhere. Highest accuracy. Best atlas. Most features. Most accurate Dashas and most Dashas. Oracles and instant answers. Supports the teaching techniques of well-known teachers. Build your own reports. Feedback from leading astrologers, other clients and the press. Come and enjoy this fantastic conference and enjoy a whole new level of knowledge.

Free astrology software for Mac

These mantras have powerful applications, this extensive presentation shows some of the ways to use them based on the Vedic Chart. What is Vedic Astrology? Vedic Astrology or Jyotish is the ancient art and science taught by the enlightened sages that reveals out talents and challenges. Its methods of timing, when properly understood, are remarkable.

Applied for the greater good without selfish intent, it can help us in many ways. Andrew Foss , PhD, MSc, MA Oxon , is a trained scientist who researches and teaches Vedic Astrology, because it works with remarkable precision, as well as offering compassionate insight into our lives.

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  • He teaches, consults and provides software to the leading practitioners as well as the students of Jyotish. On this site, you can find out about Shri Jyoti Star , an easy, powerful and elegant Vedic Astrology software for both beginners and professionals, now used by virtually all the leading Vedic Astrologers in the West. It has so many features, more than any other software, that it is hard to enumerate them.


    Rather, we illustrate key features and provide increasing numbers of videos describing the use of the software. Andrew is the only software author who has gone to such depths in studying the subject and has learnt many secrets that are shared only in this software. Learn more. Receive an in-depth consultation to reveal the inner and outer processes of your life.